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I will help you to Evolve, Mentally, Physically, Spiritually.


Spiritual Mentoring, Life Coaching and Trigger and Trauma Mentoring are some of the one-on-one services I can offer you. We will together to create a specific path for growth and transformation in your life. The sessions will focus on meeting your needs and desires by helping you discover your Dharma, your purpose in life, what you're here to do and how to support you in executing that.

In life most of us experience or accumulate some type of trauma, often without even knowing we have. That may sound strange, however traumas don’t need to have a huge impact and affect the way you navigate your life and operate from day to day.  Right from the moment you are born, you are being shape shifted into being, and the end result is not always what you had in store for you…Allow me to steer you back on course to a bright, more fulfilling life. The one you were meant to have.


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