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Quantum physics and you

I admit I am not well versed in the area of quantum physics, however this much I do know. We are all made up of cells, molecules, and atoms, and together they create us, our physical beings. I also know we produce energy from the food we eat after breaking the food down into chemicals that create electricity in the cells, molecules, and atoms.

The type and quality of food we eat are extremely important as the nutrients are converted to energy so we can be active, in motion, and efficiently use our brains to navigate our world. If the food we are eating is essentially dead, then that will be the energy we will bring to our cells! Contemplate a bunch of cilantro from the supermarket, limp and uninspiring compared to one picked freshly from an organic garden. Or an animal that has been killed

inhumanely!!!!! We really don’t want to bring that energy to our bodies, do we?

Speaking of energy, we all know that we are all energy right? Created by frequencies that bring particles, atoms, molecules, and quarks together, to create our human form. We have energy, presenting as electrical pulses, running throughout our body, in fact, everywhere there are nerves there are electrical pulses. We have energy running outside of our bodies. We have pulses of particles and waves connecting us to ourselves and to every single thing around us, science has proven this, time and time again. One such experiment, the famous ‘Double Slit Experiment’, proves we can manipulate that energy anyway we see fit. In the spiritual world I liken this to the concept of free will.

The "double-slit experiment” proves that simply by observing a lights’ or particles’ path, even when that observation does not disturb the light or particle's motion, we can profoundly change the outcome. Simply put in spiritual speak, what we focus on or pay attention to has the potential to change or grow. Could quantum physics be the blue print for consciousness?

Further proof is provided by Physicist Pascual Jordan who said ‘observations not only disturb what has to be measured, they produce it… We compel [a quantum particle] to assume a definite position”, In other words we produce the results of measurement simply by observation.


So in each and every moment, we have the choice to use our energy to think one way or another. We can use our energy, as thoughts, to manifest or manipulate and situation to affect a certain predetermined outcome. Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Big Magic, believes that ideas are disembodied energy that want to manifest. Once an idea is fully formed it can be acted into a reality. What is required is pure intention behind the idea or thought. Ideas and thoughts flow in a positive direction when they are aligned with your dharma, your soul at a conscious level knows this, when ideas and thoughts do not flow into action smoothly, it is likely they are coming from your sub conscious mind. The mind

that has been programmed by someone or something outside of yourself, most likely a partner or caregiver.

When life does not flow, you must stop and ask yourself if God, your god, whoever subconscious or whatever that may be, would they intend this for you. When you want it to flow, place your energy in the direction with pure intention and see how you can manifest your own reality.

Understanding our energy bodies is key to us allowing this state of flow Chakras are energetic centers located along the central column of the body. They spin like wheels in a clockwise direction. It is not necessary to see or feel the chakra, however, it is necessary to sense them, to bring your attention to the chakras in order to bring them into balance

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