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I Am That, That I Am

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

I am

I am a woman hear me roar

I am the wild seas and the calm oceans

I am the volcano erupting and the sweet green rolling hills

I am the stormy grey clouds and the soft blue skies

I am the pain of death and the pleasure of life

I am both the anger and the forgiveness

I am the tears of sorrow and the ecstasy of joy

I am the strength and the vulnerability of my grandmother, mother and sisters

I am the wisdom of my soul and the forgetfulness of my humanness

I am the sensual soft murmurs in your ear and the piercing sounds that awake your spirit

I am fiercely powerful and I am sweetness yielding

I am passion and passionate

I am protective and protected

I am fear and trust

I am both the ying and the yang

I am the reflection of all of my experiences

I am nature

I am the divine feminine, a goddess and a queen

I am unapologetically female

If you hold me in this space, in this light, my love will expand and infuse all that it touches throughout the world, the universe

If you forget my nature, there will only be struggle and war within and with-out

So love me, love me fiercely, hold my hand and I will show you another way

I will show you love, unconditional love, unconditionally

And the world will be a better place

Who am I really

It is in forgetting our true nature that we lose ourselves. It is in forgetting our true nature that we allow others to lose their connection to us and to themselves.

We are reflections of what we see, feel, and experience. They are reflections of what they see, feel, and experience

If we can remember who we really are, why we truly are here in this human form and live authentically from that place, we give permission for others to do the same.

When we try to change ourselves to fit into other peoples and societies mould of what they expect us to be, there is pain. When we try to change or mould people or societies to fit into what we expect them to be there is pain.

We cannot change other people's perceptions of us or situations, we can only change our own. And since change is constant, it seems fitting we keep up with what is inevitable. There will be times of pain and times of joy, life will fluctuate. It is precisely how we decide you want to respond to those moments that will influence your level of peace.

From the moment you arrive in this world, in this human form, you are starting to shape into a physical reality. Your soul is open, trusting, and vulnerable and you evolve exactly as you should, as your body knows exactly what to do. You cry when you are hungry, wet or tired. You look deep into your mother's eyes for connection and reassurance. You receive and process the nourishing fluid from her body to help you to grow. Your body is being evolved from a small baby to a growing child, it knows exactly how and what to do to make this transformation occur. As a baby, you are pure love. At around age 2 things start to change as the soul's own knowing starts to experience the ego. As we attempt to create our own version of ourselves through our experiences, the rest of the world tries to shape us into the version they want to see. ‘Don't touch that’, ‘don’t say that’, ‘do this’, ‘do that’, ‘you cant wear that’, ‘wear this’ etc etc. Like serious harm would come to us if we wore gumboots on a sunny day or a bikini on the outside of our pajamas…….We become a reflection of all of our experiences, a collective reflection of how the world has touched us and how we have touched the world.

When did you first experience pain?

I want to ask you a question? When was the first time you felt pain?

It was likely either in utero or at birth or in the first formative years of your life. You may not remember why, where or what happened, but your body does, your body holds the pain, it also holds the key to the lock of your healing.

When your soul arrived here, when your soul made the decision to become love having a human experience, it was ready, all knowing and full of remembrance. Your soul knew the path it had ahead. It knew with razor sharp clarity what was required of you to evolve in your Dharma. As you birthed and grew you were moulded by the way you experienced the world, you learned to see the experiences as good or bad. You experienced free will, the ability to choose. You chose to attach meaning to the experiences, this meaning shaped and moulded the way you navigated your ever-expandingis utilizing world. What you didn't realise that long before you were born there was a separation and this separation has been perpetuated ever since by the nature of the ego. There is a force that somehow keeps us from touching peace, from making our way back home to return to the perfection that is divinity. This gentle tug, that is played out through our decisions in each and every moment, utilising our free will, could be the knowing that we aren't quite done with experiencing what we need to in this human experience so that we may evolve to the next level. Kind of like a game of Super Mario. Mario or Luigi needing to experience all of the obstacles in their environment before they conquer that level and move to the next world. The ultimate goal being to find the flagpole.

Hello Soul, I think we have met before!

Here's the thing. The soul is changeless, soul never forgets its nature and the job it has come here to do. In a Course in Miracles, it states “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” This statement appears in the chapter “Illusion.” We have created an illusion that when we hurt we are damaged or broken in some way. What is true is that the mind is broken, the body may also be broken and certainly, the brain can be broken ,however, they can also be healed. Taking time to listen to the soul's faithful musings and acting on them will realign you and set you on the path to freedom and peace. So how do we do this? We become silent so

we can hear the gentle call of the soul back to alignment with our purpose, we become the witness of any interference, interrupting thoughts and patterns and we rest in them. We greet them as a long lost friend and welcome to walk with us and then we do the work. We see how and when the confusion has occurred and we do the work to heal that. The work never stops, but it does not really work, it is liberation. My husband Rob reminded me that the teacher arrives when the student is ready. Don't be in too much of a hurry to smash through all of your imperfections, serve to be happy and joyful in life and give yourself a break. When you have the opportunity and make sure you create time at least once a day, even if only a 5-minutean mediation to sit and be still and quiet. When you are ready you will see, hear or sense the calling to heal.

We are always receiving messages from the universe, spirit world, God, whatever your jam is. It is our ability to accept these messages that speaks to the readiness. Have you ever seen something so obvious that needs to happen in a friend or loved ones life that you are stunned with disbelief that they too cannot see what you see? This is a an example of them not being ready. You can even point out what seems perfectly obvious, however they will be ready when and only when they are ready. Do not try to coerce them with your imaginings, as they are only that. Be patient, the plan is set for everyone and we must not interfere unless of course we are invited. If your friend or loved one has become so vulnerable they have reached out for help, them help them. Help them from a place of love, not authority or control. It has been my experience that sitting . listening and holding space is really all there is to do. People when they are ready will start to talk and eventually they will hear their own path to healing. We create by verbalizing our thoughts and feelings.

I am that, that I am.

So Hum

Hum Sa

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