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Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Consciousness! Is it ours or something that happens outside of us? I just finished listening to a podcast with Tim Ferris and Stan Grof where they discussed states of consciousness. What are we talking about when we talk about consciousness and universal consciousness, UC? I feel there is a subtle energy that connects us and this is what we understand as universal consciousness.

Our brain acts like a filter to the universal consciousness. Consciousness is something that is happening to us, therefore it is as much a part of you and part of me. The more we tune into the frequency of UC the more we can feel the subtle changes in each other. If we could just slow down enough, we could feel the energy of others' reactivity, and sensitivity, as it happens.

If we could just slow down enough we would make better decisions about what comes from our mouths, what actions we take, and what actions we don’t take. We would be more sensitized and therefore more sensitive. What if we all could be empaths? What would happen if we all slowed down, dropped out of our daily mechanical routine,

and tuned in to the subtle energy of the universe. What would you hear? What would you see? What would you feel?

I challenge you to take one day out, in nature, with no phones, no distractions, you won't be alone, you will be with UC, and you may even begin to feel the love that is UC.

Truth and God are found in the same place: in the silence.

Neale Donald Walsch, The Complete Conversations with God

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