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Chakras And Energy

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Understanding our energy bodies is key to us allowing this state of flow Chakras are energetic centres located along the central column of the body. They spin like wheels in a clockwise direction. It is not necessary to see or feel the chakra, however, it is necessary to sense them, to bring your attention to the chakras in order to bring them into balance.

Chakras have colours, notes, mantras and elements attributed to them. All or any of these attributes can help to bring the chakras into balance. You see the chakras hold vibrations and it is these vibrations that we affect. There are also botanical plants that assist in bringing balance to your chakras through vibration.

Chakras have both positive and negative attributes as described in the following: So what do the Chakras govern?

  • Root Chakra - Muladhara - Location is at the base of the spine Positive: groundedness, connection, safety, belonging, loyalty Negative: victim, disconnected, a sensation of being lost at sea Element: earth Colour: deep red Note: G Bija Mantra: LAM

  • Sacral chakra - Svadhisthana-Sacrum Positive: give birth to new ideas, creativity, freedom Negative: stuck, unable to move freely, fertility issues Element: water Colour: orange Note: A Bija Mantra: VAM

  • Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura - Between breast bone base and navel Positive: openness, capable, strong will, illuminous, ego Negative: defeated, ego Element: fire Colour: yellow Note: B Bija Mantra: RAM

  • Heart Chakra - Anahata - Heart Positive: compassionate, open, generosity Negative: fearful, jealous Element: air Colour: green Note: C Bija Mantra: YAM

  • Throat chakra - Vishuddha - Throat Positive: able to speak your truth, honesty, create, intellect Negative: choked, throat issues Element: Space Colour: blue Note: D Bija Mantra: HAM

  • Third eye chakra - Ajna - Pituitary Gland Positive: wisdom Negative: fantasy Element: beyond, ether Colour: smoky grey Note: E Bija Mantra: OM

  • Crown Chakra - Sahasrara - Above the Crown Positive: spirituality, aligned Negative: disconnected Element: beyond, ether Colour: white Note: F Bija Mantra: AUM

There is another energy, known as prana. Prana is literally life force energy, and we exist purely because of its existence. No prana, no life. Prana can be increased by spending time outdoors, conserving your energy when you are feeling low, spending time by the ocean or rivers and streams. Prana can be leaked by excessive talking, looking, listening, touching, sweating, exercise and release sexual fluids. Be careful where and how much you give your prana and to whom. It is life force energy!!!!!!

You can also increase your vitality by understanding and applying the Vayus.

Prana Vayu is energy that exists in the pranic body and is one of the five Vayu’s. The five Vayu’s are primary currents of vital force, energetic forces that happen to us. We can shape the Vayu’s, using prana, in the body to increase energy to specific places throughout the body.

If we look at the chakras, energetic centres in our bodies, they all have a corresponding gland and a Vayu. The corresponding gland delivers the exact amount of the right type of chemical your body needs in any given situation. Vayu translates to ‘wind that moves’. So we use the Vayu’s to direct the breath to the appropriate place in the body. The Vayu’s, when used correctly, bring more energy, therefore more vibrancy to a particular area and organ of the body. You can use asana to affect the Vayu’s. The following information will help you to start seeing the how and the why Vayu’s can help us move energy in the body to affect health in a positive way.

Root chakra is linked to the Vagus Gland - Apana Vayu is responsible for the removal of waste, faeces, urine, ejaculation, menstruation, energy moving down, excretion. Poses that we can perform to assist the Apana Vayu: Forward folds and twists. You could use these poses if you are constipated or feeling stuck in your lower chakra energy or if you are caught in victim mentality.

Sacral chakra is linked to the Sexual Glands, testes & ovaries - Vyana Vayu, moves through the blood, nervous system and lymphatic system, outward spirally energy. Poses we can perform to assist with Vyana Vayu are: Laterals, backbends, extensions and inversions. These poses will assist if you are needing a boost in creativity. My recommendation is to practice the poses in smooth flowing way so your body can release rigidity and move with freedom and expression.

Solar Plexus chakra is linked to the Pancreas Gland- Samana Vayu, aids with digestion of food, thoughts emotions, balancing breath, energy moving from core to periphery and back. Poses we can perform so we can assist Samana Vayu are: Deep forward folds, twists, backbends such as bow pose or cobra pose. These poses lengthen the front of the body help us to create space for our lungs to take in prana and oxygen. They open the heart and move energy in the solar plexus allowing for our light to shine.

The heart chakra is linked to the Thymus Gland - Prana Vayu - harmonizing life force energy - Connection with the divine, the universe, source, energy moves up and down. Poses that can assist with Prana Vayu are: Laterals, backbends and extensions. These poses open the area around the thoracic chest and create space for more expansion in breath, compassion and love.

Throat chakra is linked to the Thyroid Gland - Udana Vayu, effects how we interact with the outside world, communication, controlling speech, energy moving upwards from throat to third eye. Poses that assist with Udana Vayu are any pose that turns the neck.

Looking over your shoulder in each direction will bring more energy and freedom to the throat and help to release any tension stored here.

Third eye chakra is linked to the Pituitary Gland - Udana Vayu, assists in remembering our innate knowledge, nourishes the brain and the ability to use our senses, energy moving upwards from throat to third eye. Poses that assist with Udana Vayu are: Twists of the neck, backbends, extensions and inversions. These poses assist by allowing energy to move freely from the base of the spine to the Pituitary Gland bringing more self-awareness, clarity of knowledge and intuition.

Crown chakra is linked to the Pineal Gland - no specific Vayu. Vyana Vayu moves through the blood, nervous system and lymphatic system, literally the whole body, so a well rounded yoga hatha yoga practice will help to assimilate all systems.

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