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Hello There!
Cate Dubois the author of  Triggered as F*ck. I’m a health and wellness expert with a focus on trauma and emotional triggers


My Story


The journey to the self is not one taken lightly, yet a journey well worth taking. It has been my journey to find the truth about what our purpose is in life and why we seemingly go through moments of great joy only to have moments infused with deep pain. I am 57 years of age, mother of a beautiful son and daughter, married and separated twice, finally navigating a beautiful new relationship.

I have run successful businesses and have experienced abundance in money, relationships, love, joy and peace. I have also experienced deep loss, trauma, broken relationships all of which I can now say, I am deeply grateful for.

I have found the key to happiness and for me that is finding inner joy. Inner joy has come from reconnecting with my true essence and understanding the meaning of my life, of all life.

I want to help you understand your life, your story so that you to can live a fuller more expansive life, so you can ride the waves of pleasure and pain and find joy wherever you reside. When you discover that home is where the heart is, and your heart is in your chest, you will have access to deep and everlasting joy and ease.

I have been blessed from the moment I arrived on earth. I knew my purpose in life from when I was old enough to verbalise my thoughts. I felt deeply that I was here to help others. It has taken me some time to arrive where I am today, being a mother, a wife, business owner, innovator, mentor and mediator to family and friends and a yoga teacher, seemingly effortlessly, until the end of 2017 when I burnt out.
Whilst I knew my calling in life, my dharma, I have come to realise whilst i was busy helping others I was never really helping myself along the way.


My desire to help people became consuming and I unconsciously chose to put myself last. This does not mean I was a martyr, it does mean however that my needs in life, over time, became less important to me. What I have come to discover is if you behave in an unconscious way, continuously repeating old patterns, something has to give. Mostly it will be your health, relationships and almost always your dreams. As opposed to acting in a conscious way where you learn from your mistakes and create new paradigms, even on a daily basis for how you can live your life, to your fullest potential.

This is not an uncommon story, we pretty much all fall into this scenario at different stages in our lives, mostly because we had beautiful parents, god bless them, who taught us what they knew, and they in turn we teach what we know, at least until we discover there is a different way. I can tell you there is a different way and every moment of every day we have the choice to choose consciously which direction ourselves will take.

I would argue that there is not a person on this planet that wakes up in the morning and consciously chooses to ruin someone's life.


People who operate from an unconscious space have simply forgotten their true nature through trauma and hurt. Once we become fully conscious, in touch with our divine soul energy, we are able to navigate from a conscious space that allows expansion, infinite potential, love for all beings and greater sensitivity to energy that helps us navigate our landscape, both inner and outer. Most of all being conscious helps us to remember our true nature so that we can show up for ourselves and others fully everyday in every way.

I finally have the space in my life to offer the skills I have learnt through both pleasure and pain, and with my heart I am ready to serve others.
My gift to you is my life journey of falling down and getting back up again. I have discovered the ways to heal and to live a full life, to be able to ride the ups and the downs with grace and ease.

My promise to you is I will show up for you in every way and you will have the tools to live your life to your fullest potential.

This is my first book, Triggered as f*ck was written in the first six months of the year that changed the world, 2020. It was a download that arrived after a period of great conflict within myself. I was witnessing the activities of the outside world, for quite possibly the first time in my life, as an attack on me, and my projections were as strong in force as the attacks I was perceiving. 
Why I write this book ?, Triggered as f*ck is my story of how I found the perfect way to stay and calm and not lose my shit, even when it feels like I am in a catastrophic storm.
Why you should read this book?, My wish is for you to follow my story, the recommended exercises and find your bliss in this ever-changing and morphing world.
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